Entertainment: 5 Things About Cricket in Lagaan that Were Wrong

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Lagaan is a phenomenal movie that most of us have watched. It broke all records when it was released, and rightly so. The movie was highly emotional to Indians and how people suffered under British rule at one point in time! The landmark movie featuring Aamir Khan and several other actors came out on Jun 15, 2001. However, there are some mistakes in the movie which only a cricket fan will care about. Otherwise, the movie was excellent, and we by no means want to say that it was a bad movie! It was one of the best that was released at the time.
It is undoubtedly one of the most successful films in the history of Indian cinema. But if you are a cricket fanatic and have watched the movie critically, these 5 mistakes will come to the fore. The movie was based on a few poor Indian villagers coming together, learning the game, and beating the formidable British colonizers. All of their efforts were to get away with Lagaan or Agricultural tax, which was pretty steep. Farmers were struggling to cope with the greed of the British, which is when they challenged them over a game of bat and ball, i.e., cricket.
The movie had plenty of emotions and made every Indian cry in the theaters. But we will not discuss why the Englishmen at all accepted the challenge and decided to go ahead with the match – we will also not discuss some other details of the movie that were wrong.
We will now talk about the technical mistakes in the movie when it comes to cricket. To know some more technical facts, click here: https://www.mpl.live/fantasy-cricket. If you love the game and keep yourself updated, this blog will be interesting.
1.6-ball over: During the match, each over has been shown to have 6 balls. However, the movie was based in 1893 when the English followed a 5-ball over. The six-ball method was introduced in the year 1900. This is a major mistake that the director should have noticed.
2. Front foot no-ball: The front foot no-ball rule was introduced in 1962. It was not prevalent at the time when the movie was based. This is yet another mistake that every cricket fanatic will notice if they watch the game from a technical point of view.
If you play virtual cricket, you might know about the technical aspects of the game even better.
3. Wrong end: The first wicket for the Indian team falls when Pradeep Ravat is found short of his ground at the non-striker’s end. Akhilendra Mishra walks out as the number 3. However, the mistake is that he walks in straight to the striker’s end and faces the bowler. This is yet another mistake on the part of the movie production team. They should have paid attention to this globally acclaimed movie.
4. Using the bat twice to hit a shot: Rajesh Vivek starts his innings by hitting the ball with his bat twice and smashing it for a 6. This is wrong in a technical way because this is illegal. If a batsman hits the ball twice, it is not correct.
5. Delivery counting: Another huge mistake is that a kid walks out to bat with Bhuvan near the end of the game. He also attends to run before the ball is bowled. During this process, the bowler Mankad him, and he is given out. The error is that India needed 28 runs off 17 balls before the dismissal. After the Mankad, the same is decreased to 28 of 16 balls. However, according to us, the extra ball should not have been counted. While the movie was also nominated for the Oscars in 2002 under the best foreign-language film category, these mistakes are something that cricket fans will notice.
From an analytical point of view, if you think, these should have been brought to notice before the final launch of the movie. It earned 2.5 million dollars at the international box office.
In the domestic one, it earned 380 million rupees. Other mistakes shown in the movie include overarm bowling, wicketkeeper Crouch, etc. The more you dig deep into the movie, the more you notice these grave technical mistakes.
Boundary lines were an unknown concept in those days but were shown in the movie. If you are stuck at home or facing work from home Blues, you must watch the movie again and find out what is wrong; after that, you can write to us. Given the current situation, you should read all these blogs and invest your time playing virtual cricket.
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