system “Dental hygiene and prevention management”

The course “Dental hygiene and prevention management” begins inside the summer season semester 2019 for the second time in the European University of Applied Sciences (EU | FH). Extremely practical tradition of high school, the accredited degree program might be continued at the exact same place in Cologne. So far, right the capstone project here 174 graduates have effectively completed their bachelor’s degree.The dual degree system is made for dental assistants (ZFAS) and enables them to treat their very own patients inside the dental delegation. In optimally matched class and on the web studying phases is respected though studying on a close integration of theory and practice. The theoretical know-how gained can straight, e.g. are applied in phantom head room and dental clinic and in cooperating practice.Graduates can cover as dental hygienists competently and professionally very higher level the field of prevention and non-surgical periodontics. You are capable to lead a prevention division and treat individuals competently by your scientific background.

Since the acquired inside the ZFA-training expertise are credited to the period of study, the plan lasts only 4 semesters and can also be optimally combine with all the profession.Dentists who their personnel to study at the EU | Send FH, benefit in two strategies: they will around the a single hand by growing the delegated services recorded a significant enhance in sales and the other is accomplished a higher patient loyalty in both the preventive and the conservation therapeutic remedy phase !Program Director Prof. Dr. Georg Gassmann has answered us some inquiries.1. Professor Gassmann, which tends to make the course “Dental hygiene and prevention management” so exclusive?Our system is Germany’s very first that allows dental assistants to acquire an academic specialization in dental hygiene and prevention management. For the duration of their research, students acquire the skills of scientific work that they’re going to be always effective and professional lives. They’ll be accompanied throughout this time by an seasoned teaching group, that is composed of specialized dentists and dentists and dental hygienists. In addition, in our unique emphasis is laid around the close integration of theory and practice. The students get in practice again and again the chance to put their theoretical expertise directly into practice.

second What priorities does the plan?The content material in the program in 3 places can be divided. Within the standard research the students are placed when it comes to self-reflection, time and conflict management, communication, ethical difficulties and patient coaching around the way. Inside the modules for business enterprise administration and overall health management aspects of practical relevance marketing is going to be developed in sensible workout routines. The greatest share, having said that, taken by the relevant in dental hygiene and prevention in dental management aspects in the Cariology, periodontology and implantology and the age and pediatric dentistry.three. And what would be the positive aspects in the course to a classic ascent coaching?Additionally to attaining an academic degree, our study system also offers the advantage of fantastic time savings in comparison with a classic ascent instruction. Students is often reached within 4 semesters Bachelor of Science degree, which then in turn capable of getting a master’s degree. Furthermore, they understand within the course of academic study, to work independently and scientifically. Further subjects including communications or business administration allow the graduates also later to workout a management role in the management location of ??practice.4. Why market dental practices the study?Dental practices have when lots of positive aspects her employees at the EU | can educate FH. Dental Hygienists allow the dentist to exploit the delegated services and hence an economic income. They also deliver already in the preventive treatment phase for improved patient loyalty. In addition, a dental hygienist can take over the team leadership function in practice and thus relieve the dentist administratively. Furthermore, dental practices through cooperation with the EU | can win new FH motivated staff


5th Are there any specific achievements or successful students of their study plan to which you’re proud of?We’re proud to be pioneers inside the a lot more academic of your profession to all our students who take it using the option of studying up. We are in help particularly from the dental sector. For instance, permits us the enterprise CP GABA annually to award prize dollars the very best Bachelor function during the festive Absolvia. The award with the Meridol cost this year will, in us as however unknown order, Ms. Annabelle Bergmann of their operate to psychological elements of care for children of various ages in dental hygiene and prevention management, Elena Di Leonardo with their operate for surveillance done again on the German market place imported toothpaste and wife Emese László their perform for crucial appraisal of your recommendations within the conservative management of patients with peri-implant mucositis and peri.6. And how did you come towards the plan?Soon after I looked following the upgrading training in dental hygiene, the modules for radiology, microbiology, anatomy, pharmacology, periodontics, implant dentistry and geriatric dentistry in advance of expertise inside the field of dental instruction, I’ve been asked to forward to replace the program director with the then already to apply state-approved program. I have taken up this challenge and I consider we are able to with our group proud to be what we’ve achieved for our students, alumni and potential students that have come incidentally also from neighboring nations the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria to us ,Applications for the summer semester may be place till the finish of March. A study starts in winter semester can also be attainable.Supply: European University of Applied Sciences Rhine / Erft GmbH


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